We partner with visionary leaders and teams.

We’ve helped envision, design, engineer and operate software platforms for worldwide trusted brands in some of the most complex and highly regulated environments.

We worked together with Evolus to build a technology platform to commercialize Jeuveau™ at nationwide scale in a record amount of time with a tech-company attitude.

Through a combination of AI and machine learning, SymphonyRM is a startup serving major hospital systems helping to orchestrate a goal-focused dialogue with its consumers.  As partners, together we designed and built the applications that will power these new insights.

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Together we were able to deliver and operate the ideal premium fitness platform for tracking client success, increasing retention while maintaining patient confidentiality.

We specialize in

Platform Creation

New applications and architecture. Creating digital IP for your company.

Complex Data

Integration with complex and legacy data in highly regulated areas is a key pillar of our experience.


We engineer transformation through software for a new breed of tech-enabled companies.

for companies that need to

Execute Tech-Enabled Product Launches

We specialize in engineering tailored and custom experiences with complex logistics, articulated marketing efforts, and scheduled events for creating the biggest splash.

Optimize and Increase Efficiency

We invest in your internal team’s operational velocity and create new opportunities for reducing cost, and improving critical functions.

Control the Customer Experience

When off-the-shelf solutions are not customizable enough and preserving your brand through a completely custom experience is a requirement, we design, build and support all aspects of the vision.


Performance beauty, your way. We built and operate the worlds first digital platform for commercialization in medical aesthetics.


360 Optimized Health. Next generation fitness and wellness facility.


Enabling visibility to provide equal opportunity to disadvantaged businesses.


Empowering teams to build applications on top of industrial IoT data through the AR visualization layer.

Focus on metrics and a shared vision

With a focus on metrics and a shared vision, Kingsmen is trusted by leadership teams to bring both strategic and tactical software projects to life in a capital-efficent manner.

Kingsmen builds proprietary software platforms and applications that disrupts traditional commercialization strategies, unlocks value potential in operations and efficiency, and enables exacting control of your customer experience.  

We build SaaS businesses, bring tech-enablement to traditional business and fundamentally change all aspects of human-capital heavy businesses.

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Simple things should be simple, complex things should be possible.

Welcome to Kingsmen.

Your digital venture partner in the next generation of your business.