We build innovative

technology for visionary

leaders and teams.

We’ve helped envision, design, engineer and operate software platforms for worldwide trusted brands in some of the most complex and highly regulated environments.

Kingsmen is a digital agency enabling new opportunities through technology to improve the customer experience, optimize business function and pioneer new revenue streams

Tech enabled pioneer in medical aesthetics

We worked together with Evolus to build a technology platform to commercialize Jeuveau™ at nationwide scale in a record amount of time with a tech-company attitude.

Evolus reached #3 market share in 2 quarters.

We build infinitely scalable platforms

Designing new applications and architecture creates value and digital IP for your company.  We embrace complex data and engineer transformation for a new breed of tech-enabled companies.

Tech-enabled launches

We specialize in creating tailored and custom experiences with complex logistics, articulated marketing efforts and scheduled events for creating the biggest splash with the greatest customer delight.

Optimize operations

We invest in your internal team’s operational velocity and create new opportunities for reducing cost and improving critical functions.

Improve the experience

When off-the-shelf solutions are not customizable enough and preserving your brand through a completely custom experience is a requirement, we design, build and support all aspects of the vision.

We deliver experiences

on any device

It is imperative to build the right experience for your customers desired medium to get the participation and feedback required to delight.  We build beautiful, usable and delightful interfaces for any device.

We take data

security seriously

We treat all data in platforms we build with the same integrity that is required by HIPAA laws regarding patient data.  We believe that there is intrinsic value in your company’s data and keeping out of the hands of evil doers is our duty.

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The future of enterprise & B2B customer engagement through technology

As many individuals from the scientific community and the business world can agree, the interaction between customer and company has changed forever as a result…

“Everything that can be digital,

will be digital”

We are Kingsmen.  Together we conquer.