Custom software offers several advantages for businesses. From start-ups to key industry giants, here are the reasons why many are choosing the bespoke route.

Why Custom and Why Now?

Traditionally, there are two types of software categories: packaged/off-the-shelf or custom built. Custom-made software is fully adapted to meet the needs of the buyer, in comparison to packaged software where the solutions and features are the same for everyone.

Through the years, companies have learned that packaged software often falls short in addressing their different business needs, especially if their need is unique. This, as well as a fierce competitive market, has prompted greater demand for custom software products where full control, scalability, personalization, integration and true control of cost can at last be a viable option.

1. Scalability

Custom software is designed to be adaptable. You can design flexible solutions to aide in your strategic goals and allow for growth. Packaged software is built to accommodate the masses and upcharge as your organization grows, and it still may not be able to provide the solution your business needs. By custom building the initial solution, you can allow your business to grow without being limited or held back by your software.

2. Personalization and Control

Custom software is the antithesis of band-aid solutions. When you hire a team to build said solutions, you are given full control to address the specific and unique needs of your business. Off-the-shelf software is a one-size fits all, it does not allow for a true fit. Personalized software can be as intuitive as you’d like and complex tasks can be designed to have full visibility, tracking and control.

3. Integration and Efficiency

Many businesses use multiple platforms to fulfill their varied requirements in daily operations. The maintenance of these platforms can be an on-going battle and on-boarding employees on several platforms can be taxing. Custom software is designed for the integration of multiple processes.

Going custom also streamlines business operations. Employee training on a system specifically built for your business gets rid of unnecessary features and unrelatable functions. This allows for a more operationally efficient platform, in turn allowing employees to also be more efficient with their daily tasks at hand.

4. Cost-Effective

The cost for custom software may shy away your initial interest, but the investment proves to be profitable as it generates long-term cost savings and additional benefits. Your custom-built software is designed to accommodate changes in business strategies and development and organizational growth from the get-go.

5. Competitive Advantage

When you rely on the same off-the-shelf software as your rival does, it is that much more difficult to outperform them. By designing your own technology that is ideally suited for your specific business operations, you can garner a competitive advantage relative to your competitors. That advantage grows as you invest more heavily in your proprietary systems.

Final Thoughts

As your business needs change and as your industry evolves, being able to quickly shift strategies can mean the difference between market dominance and obsolesces. There are exciting opportunities to seek out in integrating your business with custom software. Talk with Kingsmen Digital Ventures today and let’s discuss your curiosity!

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