Bringing a team of experienced players with startup mindsets.

Kingsmen reduces technology risk by providing a team where each member has a wealth of experience building, launching, and maintaining high quality software products.

Dedicated Small Teams

More engineers does not always equal more output.  A smart team of highly qualified individuals often can move mountains much faster.

Variable skillsets on demand

Product management, user experience and visual designers integrate with engineering as needed.

We’re a bridge to your tech-enabled future

While your organization matures to bringing in-house talent in, we bridge the gap and help you get off the ground.

Our Process

The right product at the right time

Determine pain points, prioritize, design, iterate and achieve success metrics.

Industry leading user experience

Users of all business systems are experiencing the consumerization of their tools and yours should be no different. We lead design first to deliver an experience that blows away your competition.

World class scale and architecture

Previously available only to large experienced organizations, the same technologies that power Netflix, Google, Amazon and LinkedIn are within reach.

Modern tools and infrastructure

We exclusively utilize cloud infrastructure and server-less operations to reduce cost and improve reliability through automation.

Avoid unnecessary complexity

We defer complex architecture until it's actually needed by the business

Ship today, prepare for the future

We have a team that is laser focused on shipping a product aligned with specific business goals today, with the intention of continually delivering value to your customer tomorrow.

Agile iteration and automated operations

We are a self-managed group that operates like your technology division. We are gracefully proactive about ever-changing priorities and we build for operational automation from the start.