Teach Something Or Learn Something

We believe that internally or externally, a member of Kingsmen should always be either teaching or learning at some point during their day.  Becoming obsolete in technology happens so quickly with a closed mind.  Teaching a colleague a new skill, or even a tip or trick keeps the mind fresh, and learning about a new point of view keeps us united.

Time is Respected

For every individual at Kingsmen, we understand that everyone’s time is valuable and it is a privilege to have undivided attention.  For our clients that means being respectful of the time and money being spent with us and making the most of all investments.  For our colleagues, that means treating each other with an understand that sharing time should always be appreciated.

Work is Serious.  Not Relationships.

Coming to visit the Kingsmen HQ or having us come visit yours shouldn’t be a chore.  We strive to make our clients feel at home and part of our team when they are present.  Taking the time to learn about preferences and commonalities helps us as a team deliver a positive working experience.

Respect & Cherish Your Own

Every team member at Kingsmen is valued and respected as an individual contributor and for their ability to make others around them better.  As a company, we take our employee satisfaction and fulfillment very seriously and believe that human capital is precious.

Progressive Enhancement

In every handshake, interaction, meeting, high-five, or social event, all of us at Kingsmen focus on getting better everyday.  We strive to take our skills to the next level, our personal relationships to a new high, and our own well being one step healthier.  We believe that working at it every day is the only way to live.

Volunteer Knowledge

We believe that knowledge should be shared and volunteering our experience to better the lives of our clients, other individuals and organizations is part of our being.

Aim To Be The Standard

We aim to be the bar in which all others are measured by.  From the first interaction with Kingsmen, to coming in for a first meeting, or a workshop, we want our interaction with clients to be the source in which any other competition must defeat.  In our daily lives, our interactions with others must reflect a higher standard.

Mitigate Fear

Building software or any technology solution can be a scary proposition because finding the wrong partner is a costly mistake and can often derail an entire project.  We aim to address the fear, help make suggestions for the right fit even if it means not building custom software at this time.  Our goal is to build relationships for the long term where we can be partners in success.