Partner Spotlight

A collection of a few of our standout clients that we have had the privilege of transforming their business.  Reaching their future as a tech-enabled company has been a product of strong vision and exceptional teamwork.

Tech Enabled Pioneer in Medical Aesthetics


Evolus is a breakthrough player in the medical aesthetics industry with their revolutionary neurotoxin product Jeuveau. With an eye toward the future, and the desire to disrupt the industry, we partnered with Evolus to build their entire digital platform that enables effortless scale. We worked together with Evolus to commercialize Jeuveau in a record amount of time with incredible scale nationwide sporting a tech-company attitude.

360 Degree View of your Health


Stark is a unique physical fitness facility combined with naturopathic medicine and chiropractic services that round out the ability to keep you healthy. We built Stark's digital platform that enables clients to access HIPAA secure data around their own health as well as empower the staff at Stark to correctly capture data about your performance. This platform fuels the ability for Stark to properly measure the success of its clients and be transparent about the different services they provide so that the high end customer experience can be managed.

Visibility in the midst of good intentions


Federally funded government contracts require their managing agencies to subcontract work to those companies that are disadvantaged business enterprises (DBEs). These DBE's are minority or women owned businesses that are part of an initiative to help these companies succeed with government sponsored work. VantagePoint is a payment tracking, visibility, and compliance system purpose built with a focus on consumerized user experiences to help this complicated process seem easy.

The Platform for the Industrial IOT


PTC/Thingworx was the first application platform for the connected industrial IoT market. It was founded on the belief that the connectivity to devices would soon become commoditized and the real value was in how the data was visualized and interacted with. ThingWorx was made up of 3 core products that changed the way applications could be built with a speed quotient of 10x improvement over traditional development. Thingworx was acquired by PTC and combined with their Digital Twin intitaitive and ultimately enhanced by AR and the acquisition of Vuforia.

Modernizing diversity programs


In order to increase the participation in supplier diversity programs for the Arizona Department of Transportation, we built a mobile application and platform for communicating with disadvantaged businesses. This application would ultimately be the start of a greater movement to reach small businesses in the way they are most comfortable with out on the job site, or on the move.

Workplace mental health

The Mood Elevator

Partnering with Larry Senn, the father of corporate culture, we conducted a design and prototype study to determine the success of an ecosystem for monitoring and enhancing mental health in the workplace. The applications were designed after the best selling book "The Mood Elevator," that has helped hundreds of corporations address and describe their employee's moment-to-moment experience of life.

“Everything that can be digital,

will be digital”

We are Kingsmen.  Together we conquer.