How Evolus transformed Medical Aesthetics

Understanding the value of design and technology, Evolus had a goal to transform the industry.  An ecosystem was built from the ground up – along with the brand, the mobile app, the sales tools – the works.

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We were there in the beginning

Evolus set out to do something a little different

Embracing technology

from the start

We worked closely with the Evolus team to design and architect a robust and reliable ecosystem of applications and services to ensure that they would be able to fully take advantage of the transformation that tech would have on their industry.

Order anytime, anywhere

We identified the pain points of the traditional pharmaceutical sales model and enhanced the experience by empower doctors and practices to order on their own whenever and wherever they needed to.  It also helped sales reps to focus on fostering great relationships instead of being order takers.

The Evolus Practice App is available in both the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.


Focus on the patient experience

Use technology to build a relationship directly with the consumer.  Evolus’ product in an undifferentiated product, so design and tech drives successful growth.

You can view the patient experience at

Supercharged sales force

In an industry highly dependent on sales reps to build great relationships with practices, we built all the best tools to help Evolus compete against the industry giants.  These tools provided increased efficiency, better visibility, easy account creation and a little bit of delight sprinkled on a group often forgotten by design.

Loyalty that makes sense

We built out the customer loyalty program with Evolus to help practices see transparent pricing and incentivize and reward their growth.  The program was rolled out and entirely managed through the Evolus Practice App to clearly show the predictable progression toward new benefits and to retain Evolus’ highest performers.

Talk to anyone at any time

We brought communication with a manufacturer into the modern age and gave practices the ability to reach someone at anytime through real-time chat in the Evolus Practice App, the website, and all of the sales tools.  Scheduled messaging, broadcasts and messaging enabled a new level of promotions, reminders and customer interaction.

The Result

Technology can enable growth in amazing ways

Today, Evolus is a publicly traded company that climbed to #3 market share in two quarters.

The launch of Evolus’ unique design and technology-enabled features seemed to instantly steal the hearts of millions.  Widespread adoption led to the fastest growing medical aesthetics product of all time.

Download the Detailed Case Study

“Everything that can be digital,

will be digital”

We are Kingsmen.  Together we conquer.