What is a 360 degree view of your health?

Optimal health can only be achieved when the WHOLE body is addressed – inside and out. Stark looks at things from all angles to make sure there is nothing inhibiting you from achieving your goals.

Through a team of specialists that are enabled by technology, Stark is able to provide specialized customization to each client needed to deliver results.  Using a series of HIPAA compliant tools that enable collaborative sharing of recommendations and data for each client, Stark provides a cohesive, transparent, and science-based approach to the journey.

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Bring together fitness and health records

Enabling each specialist at Stark required bringing together complex systems to provide each with information required to make an informed recommendation.  Unlike a doctor equipped with only a clinical EHR and his own observations, Stark is able to pull data from training, chiropractic assessments, doctor prescriptions and more.

Billing clarity

We empowered Stark’s front desk and customer support staff to help make billing simpler for their clients.  With a set of complex systems behind the cost of service, consolidating the ledger and showing an easy to understand list of line-items inspired confidence and ultimately higher sales.

Training experience

A training experience second to none.  We built tools for the Stark training staff to help record your data with the highest accuracy and be able to train your specific program to the highest degree of safety.  These tools enabled trainers to concentrate on the quality of their service.


Many Stark clients are focused on improving the entirety of their health.  In a secure and HIPAA compliant manner, we gave clients the ability to not only see their schedule and billing information, but all of the same data that coaches, chiropractors, doctors, and nutritionists were seeing as well.

“Everything that can be digital,

will be digital”

We are Kingsmen.  Together we conquer.