Performance built on partnership

Kingsmen reduces technology risk by providing a team where

each member has a wealth of experience building, launching,

and maintaining high quality software products with a startup mindset.

1. Together we conquer

Our team members are carefully selected for their experience in building software products and solutions to understand the full lifecycle and process in carving out a market niche.  We believe that this is a collaborative process in which we can help narrow the scope and get quickly to market to test and improve our collective ideas.

  • Product strategy
  • Market fit
  • Design study
  • Product definition
  • User research

2. Visual Victory

World-class visual design can elevate software and apps and delight users into becoming evangelists and most importantly, active users of your product.  We bring award winning interface and interaction designers that consistently bring the wow to everything that we deliver.

  • UX Patterns & workflow
  • Interface design
  • Interaction design
  • Design feedback

3. Limitless possibility

We do not believe in software that limited in its potential from the start.  Infinite scale is a pillar of our engineering philosophy and we architect all of our solutions assuming that together we will achieve a fantastic success story.

  • Mobile applications
  • Web applications
  • Integrations and complex data
  • Serverless compute resources
  • Data lakes
  • Horizontal & vertical elasticity
  • High speed search
  • Performance analysis

4. Rinse and don't repeat

Once a product is in the hands of customers, understanding how and why they are using it can often report surprising results.  It is imperative that we use this feedback to enhance the experience and steer the customer into the right behavior all while providing the intended value.

  • Customer Behavior
  • Analytics and Tracking Metrics
  • Reporting & Auditing

The Magic

Principles for a great product

The right product at the right time

Determine pain points, prioritize, design, iterate and achieve success metrics.

Modern tools and infrastructure

We exclusively utilize cloud infrastructure and server-less operations to reduce cost and improve reliability through automation.


Industry leading user experience

Users of all business systems are experiencing the consumerization of their tools and yours should be no different. We lead design first to deliver an experience that blows away your competition.

Ship today, prepare for the future

We have a team that is laser focused on shipping a product aligned with specific business goals today, with the intention of continually delivering value to your customer tomorrow.

World class scale and architecture

Previously available only to large experienced organizations, the same technologies that power Netflix, Google, Amazon and LinkedIn are within reach.

Agile iteration and automated operations

We are a self-managed group that operates like your technology division. We are gracefully proactive about ever-changing priorities and we build for operational automation from the start.

“Everything that can be digital,

will be digital”

We are Kingsmen.  Together we conquer.